VII Encuentro de Profesores ELE AIL Madrid - Edinumen

The 7th Conference for Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language organised by AIL Madrid and the publishers Edinumen will take place in Madrid from the 31st July to the 4th August.

This conference will be a new experience for Spanish teachers since the aim is to acquire strategies for finding motivation in the classroom rather than to acquire knowledge.  The content of the conference will, therefore, be practical rather than theoretical.

Participants will work together to learn how to apply new technologies in the teaching and learning of Spanish, from teaching online to using social networks and Kahoot  in the classroom. There will also be a pooling of emergency tools to add to the first aid kit of solutions for possible set-backs in the classroom.

The secret of a good teacher is always to have a plan B. We all know the brain needs to become excited in order to learn and so managing emotions in the classroom will also be looked into, together with the teaching of vocabulary and oral skills. There will also be the chance to learn to teach business Spanish in an entertaining and fun way. The full programme is as follows:

Monday 31st July:
• 9:00h – 9:30h  – Welcome breakfast. Handing out of material
• 9:30h – 11:00h – Objective: Gamification in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom. Kahoot and other tools
• 11:30h – 13:30h – Everyone online: Skype, Facebook and other platforms
• 14:00h – 15:00h – Welcome lunch
• 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

Tuesday 1st August:
• 9:00h – 9:30h – Everyone takes part: Pooling what we have learnt
• 9:30h – 11:00h – Managing emotions in the classroom
• 11:30h – 13:30h – Teaching and learning vocabulary in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom
• 17:10-18:50 – Workshops and visits

Wednesday 2nd August:
• 9:00h – 9:30h – Pooling what we have learnt
• 9:30h – 11:00h – Special purposes: Business Spanish
• 11:30h – 13:30h – Special purposes: Business Spanish
• 14:00h – 15:00h – Guidelines for class observation
• 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

Thursday 3rd August:
• 9:00h -11:00h – Class observation
• 11:30h – 13:30h – The teacher’s first-aid kit: emergency tools
• 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

Friday 4th August:
• 9:00h – 9:30h – Teaching by immersion: AIL Madrid
• 9:30h – 11:00h – Oral skills: pronunciation and prosody
• 11:30h – 13:30h – Presentation of latest developments by the publishers Edinumen
• 14:00h – 15:00h – Closing session and  diploma ceremony
• 17:10h – 18:50h – Workshops and visits

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