Salta, Argentina

We are pleased to let our readers know that the 6th International Congress of Language Tourism will be taking place shortly, from the 26th to the 29th October in Ciudad de Salta, Argentina. The value of language as an economic, cultural and tourism resource will be analysed under the slogan International Education and Cultural Exchange as Factors of Development.

The event is organised by SEA, Asociación de Centros de Idiomas, the Argentinian Ministry of Tourism and the Universidad Católica de Salta. The academic coordination will be carried out by the University of Salvador and FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales) Argentina.

 The conference programme includes the following activities:

26th October de 2016

  • Business round table with international guests
  • Opening ceremony

27th, 28th and 29th October 2016

  • Plenary sessions
  • International panels
  • Presentation of speakers

29th October 2016

  • PROCAPI session with workshops for teachers and the tourism sector.

The conference is mainly intended for the following:

  • The academic sector: heads of school, co-ordinators, teacher trainers, teachers at foreign language schools; university teachers, students and researchers involved in the teaching of language, culture and student mobility; teachers and students of foreign languages.
  • The government sector: civil servants of national governments, provincial governments and town councils involved in the development and promotion of culture, education, tourism and  destinations.
  • Tourism sector: tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, students, teachers and professionals  involved in exchanges, cultural products and international student mobility.
  • Intermediary entities: chambers of commerce, associations, federations and other intermediary organisations related to the development of language and cultural tourism and with international student mobility.

 There is an enrolment form on this page

Photo copyright: Rodolfo Pace.