As has become customary at this time of year, Spanish as a Foreign Language professionals are again meeting up in Malaga to share their experiences and improve their teaching skills.  The title of the 6th FONCEI (National Forum of the Cervantes Escuela Internacional) is “The development of Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers’ skills: great power carries with it great responsibility”.  The conference will be held on the 29th and 30th of January 2016 at the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal in Malaga.

Each teacher has a super-power in the classroom (call it talent, skill or ability) and each teacher has the skill or strategy to make the class a real experience and turn a rote learning memory class into a memorable class.

Teachers have virtues which the Cervantes Escuela Internacional calls superpowers.  Speakers at the conference will display their superpowers and this will surely help everyone to be a little bit better in the classroom.

This year the Cervantes Escuela Internacional has the most prestigious of speakers including Encina Alonso and María Ángeles Álvarez, of the RAE (Real Academia Española).

You can find all the information about the speakers and their workshops and also the enrolment form on the webpage for the event.