Desconferencia FEDELE

The 3rd FEDELE unconference for teachers of Spanish was held recently on the 20th October,  in Valencia. More than thirty teachers attended the conference, most of them from the Comunidad Valenciana. FEDELE was represented by David Trigo, Emilia Molero and Encarnación Gutiérrez. Victoria Sanahuja and Berta Collado, president and secretary respectively of FEDELE Comunidad Valenciana, were also present and offered their support.

The event took place at the Colegio Mayor Ausias March, and was invigorated by the presence of José Ángel Medina, who gave our “unconferenced” teachers important guidelines on how to manage groups in the Spanish as a Foreign Language classroom and set up dialogues between participants on questions posed by students who come to study Spanish as a Foreign Language.

FEDELE would like to thank both the Colegio Mayor Ausias March for the use of their premises, coffee and a wonderful lunch and the Academia La Pagoda for helping to arrange and organise the event.