formación de profesorado ELE Bósforo

The 3rd conference on Training of Teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language will take place in a few weeks time in Istanbul. The conference is organised by the Directorate for Educational Programmes in Turkey, the Instituto Cervantes in Istanbul and the Spanish Department of the Bosphorus University. Teachers from different Turkish educational institutions and representatives of Spanish as a Foreign Language publishers will all be taking part. Following are some of the subjects to be addressed at the conference:

  • CLIL projects
  • Online materials
  • Play and learn
  • How to deal with mistakes
  • The teaching of peculiarities
  • Digital narratives

The last date for enrolment is the 30th November. There are sixty-five places available. The conference will be held in the Kuzey Park building at the Bosphoru University.

Enrolment forms can be accessed with this link. The complete programme can be seen on this document.

Image copyright: Wikimedia Commons.