For the second year running FEDELE is organising a conference for Heads of Study and the people responsible for academic affairs at member schools. This is a training event but also provides an opportunity for exchanging experiences, results and proposals with colleagues from the Spanish as a Foreign Language sector.

The conference will take place on the 10th and 11th May at ENFOREX school in Madrid, calle Baltasar Gracián.

This year the programme is very varied, as can be seen below, but it is focused on trying to find solutions to questions posed by members of Spanish Departments, and not only questions related to academic matters but also to the organisation of groups, working in a team and decision making.

Thursday 10th May

  • 30h: Accreditation process
  • 30 – 12.45h: Welcome to the event
  • 45 – 14.15h: Workshop “We decide. Cooperative decision making”,Javier Lahuerta and Daniel Gutiérrez, SGEL publishers
  • 30 – 16.00h: Break for lunch
  • 00 – 18.00h: Workshop “Help me to understand!”, Encina Alonso

Friday 11th May

  • 00 – 9.45h: Workshop “Everything you wanted to know about SACIC (Cervantes Institute Accreditation System for Institutions Teaching Spanish)”, Nuria Vaquero, Instituto Cervantes
  • 45 – 10.30h Workshop “Academic management of the SIELE exam”, Alberto Matesanz and Agustina Francisco, SIELE
  • 30 – 11.00h: Coffee break
  • 00 – 12.30h: Workshop “Introduction to graphic narrative applied to education”, Pedro Cifuentes
  • 30 – 14.00h: Workshop “Communication skills for transforming teaching teams”, Jesús Herrera, Difusión publishers
  • 00 horas: Closing and presentation of diplomas

Applying for participation in this event is done internally so that each school is able to reserve their place. Please bear in mind that there is a limited number of places and that each school is entitled to one free place.

For more information please contact the FEDELE office by email. Image copyright: FEDELE.