FEDELE is pleased to announce the forthcoming International Congress of ASELE which is now in its 26th year. This year the conference will be held from the 16th to the 19th September at the School of Modern Languages of the University of Granada.

The main focus of the conference will be on the training and responsibilities of teachers of Spanish abroad.  The proposed topics of discussion are as follows:
1.- Institutional dimension

  • The contribution of the Council of Europe documents: European profile of teachers of foreign languages; the European Framework of Reference (2004) and the European portfolio for trainee language teachers (2007)
  • The contribution of the Cervantes Institute documents: What does it mean to be a good teacher of Spanish as a foreign language? (2011) and The main responsibilities of teachers of second and foreign languages (2012)
  • The usefulness of the European profiling grid for language teachers, EPG (2013)

2.- Professional dimension:

  • Initial training for Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers
  • Postgraduate training
  • On-going training and professional development
  • Classroom observation and teacher´s thoughts
  • Evaluation of teaching practice
  • Professional prospects
  • Professional ethics

Areas of expertise:

  • Language competence.  Native or non-native teachers
  • Metalinguistic consciousness
  • Knowledge of other languages
  • Methodology: knowledge and skills; planning of lessons and courses; classroom management and interaction; selection and creation of resource material.
  • Cultural and inter-cultural skills
  • Digital skills
  • Evaluation techniques

It has already been confirmed that the well-known specialist teacher trainers Elena Verdía and Jenaro Ortega will be taking part in the academic programme.