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This event will have two main themes: training sessions and commercial activities to close deals between participating schools, agencies and institutions. It is an event with different agendas and forms of participation, depending on the profile of the participant, and open to all ELE professionals worldwide.

Federated Centres

Management teams will be able to participate in all activities, including the private session on Wednesday 9th November. The federated centres will have preference in activities and agendas.

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Only-digital Attendees

Under this modality, users will be able to follow all the digital activities planned from 1st July to 22th October, including all the training activities and the Semana del Español gala.

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Non-federated Centres

Semana del Español is open to the participation of non-federated centres which will be able to take part in dozens of activities.

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ELE Teachers

The event is designed so that all teachers can have access to training sessions and pills to develop their skills and knowledge.

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International Centres and Agencies

The event has training sessions and a business meeting where international professionals can expand their marketing channels.

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ELE Students

For the first time, we will have an event for students of Spanish as a foreign language in our country with a party in Madrid. 

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