Agencies and International Centres

This category includes those teaching or non-teaching professionals who work outside Spain and who attend the event on behalf of their centre or company in order to improve their knowledge and, in addition, to make commercial agreements with centres and institutions in Spain. This profile can access golden invitations, which will give the opportunity to attend the event with all expenses paid (flights, accommodation, meals and attendance to all activities). To do so, you must fill in an application form and, during the first fortnight of September, you will receive the resolution. If you do not receive a golden invitation, you will be able to attend the event by purchasing your ticket.

The Semana del Español has reserved a large number of activities for this profile: training sessions, business meetings and a full agenda of leisure activities in the city of Madrid.

You can find the terms and conditions for both gold invitations and general participation in the following links:

Register for the event:

Attendance to the Semana del Español

All international agencies and centres have the opportunity to attend the training activities of the event and to participate in the Workshop with the centres and institutions in Spain.

The registration of the centre in the Semana del Español allows the participation of only one representative per entity.

All registrations for the Semana del Español will include digital participation.

Only-digital Attendance

All centres and agencies can make as many digital registrations as they wish. Each digital user will receive a certificate for attending the event and will be able to participate in all the activities on the platform, which will be open from 1 July to 31 December. 


and participation of agencies and international centres


Activities on the digital platform

The Semana del Español platform will be open from 1st July to 31st December. It will host different activities such as discussion forums, meetings with teachers, training pills and will have an extensive catalogue of materials, downloads, as well as valuable information for ELE professionals.

The platform also includes materials, reports and important documentation for international agencies and centres wishing to make commercial agreements with Spain.

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Píldoras digitales - 17 y 18 de octubre

During the 17th and 18th of October, Spanish Week will be celebrated digitally thanks to the live broadcasting of talks and lectures from the federated centres, a large number of which will be dedicated to non-teaching professionals on marketing, communication campaigns in the language tourism sector or actions to promote the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. 


Accreditation and Plenary Session - 19th October

On the morning of 19 October, the accreditation of attendees will take place, and they will receive important material and documentation with which to work for the rest of the days.

In the afternoon, we will have the plenary session, where all the participants of the Semana del Español will join together. The institutions will welcome the participants and a dinner service will be offered courtesy of the sponsors.

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Training sessions - 20th October

The event has two simultaneous training sessions: lectures on ELE didactics (designed for teachers) and lectures on management and marketing (designed for non-teaching ELE professionals).

From 1st of July, you can see the updated list of speakers and the description of the activities. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


FEDELE Workshop - 21st October

The FEDELE Workshop is a business event where centres and exhibitors have an agenda of meetings to meet with international agencies and/or centres. The activity will include 25-minute meetings, breaks and time for table changes.

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Meeting with ELE students "La Fiesta del Español" and Gala "Festival del Español en España" - 22nd of October

For the first time, the Federation is organising an activity dedicated specifically to ELE students in our country: a party with concerts and different recreational activities in which students can get to know each other and celebrate our language.

The Gala “Festival of Spanish in Spain” aims to be the launch of the sector in our country, with an awards ceremony for a series of categories and enlivened with live concerts, theatre performances and many other surprises.


Cultural agenda during the Semana del Español

FEDELE will organise a series of cultural activities in the city of Madrid which can be attended by all federated centres upon registration (depending on the capacity of the venues), once registration has been completed.

Agencies and International Centres can use these spaces for getting to know the participants. They are suitable spaces to establish personal and professional links.


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This platform will havea discussion forum with four open topics moderated by the Federation, a monthly updated catalogue of participants, free resources and materials from sponsoring publishers, cultural resources from the city hosting the event, royalty-free resources (film, literature and reports).

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