Western Andalusia FAMTRIP


Designed for agencies and international teachers participating in the Semana del Español who have received a Gold Invitation from FEDELE. Capacity for 20 participants.

Transport and Accommodation

On Sunday 23rd October participants will be transported from Madrid to Seville by high-speed train (AVE) and will be accommodated in the cities visited. The cost of these activities will be covered by Español en Andalucia. 

Conditions for the participation:


Participation fee for each agent or teacher: 100 €


Exceptionally, two participants from the same organisation are allowed. In this case, a further €150 will be added to the ordinary fee of €100 for the second participant


EEA and the participating Andalusian schools will carry out a selection process among the participants who apply to take part in the Andalusia Famtrip


The Association may cancel the Famtrip if the quota of 5 registrations is not exceeded

Asociacion FEDELE Andalucia

Visited Cities

During the familiarisation trip for agencies and teachers in Western Andalusia, participants will be able to discover the following destinations:



It is the monumental capital of Andalusia, with a great tradition and well known for its popular traditions such as the Feria or the Semana Santa (Easter Week).

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Granada 2006


This seaside town nestled in the bay of the same name is synonymous with culture, leisure and joy.



It is located on the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia and is not only the epicentre of fashion and tourism but also a white village with history and tradition.

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This agenda is provisional and will be completed with details of the socio-cultural activities that will take place in the visiting cities. The proposed activities are still to be confirmed.

Participating Schools

Idiomas Carlos V

📍 Avda. República Argentina 27 B, 1ª Planta – Módulo B. – 41011 Sevilla 📞 +34 910 051 111  ➡ fedele.org/escuelas/idiomas-carlos-v/

St. Gabriel

📍 C/ Luis Montoto 107, Segunda Planta módulo I, Edificio de Cristal – Sevilla 📞 +34 954 61 18 03  ➡ fedele.org/escuelas/saint-gabriel/

Enforex Sevilla

📍 C/ Pastor Landero, 35 41001 – Sevilla 📞  +34 915 94 37 76      ➡ fedele.org/escuelas/enforex-sevilla/

Enforex Marbella

📍Avenida Ricardo Soriano, 43 29600 – Marbella, Málaga 📞 +34 915 94 37 76  ➡ fedele.org/escuelas/enforex-marbella/

CLIC Sevilla

📍  C/ Albareda 19, 41001 – Sevilla 📞 +34 954 50 21 31  ➡ fedele.org/escuelas/clic-international-house-sv/

CLIC Cádiz

📍 C/ Acacias, 25, 2ª planta 11007 – Cádiz 📞 +34956255455 ➡ fedele.org/escuelas/clic-international-house-cadiz/

III Language Schools

📍 C/ Califa Conjunto Las Lolas, Bloque D-Local 2 29660 – Marbella, Málaga 📞 +34 952 90 85 58  ➡ fedele.org/escuelas/inst-intern-de-idiomas/