This category includes those teaching or non-teaching professionals who work outside Spain and who attend the event on behalf of their centre or company in order to improve their knowledge and, in addition, to make commercial agreements with centres and institutions in Spain. This profile can access golden invitations, which will give the opportunity to attend the event with all expenses paid (flights, accommodation, meals, and attendance to all activities). To do so, you must fill in an application form and, during the first fortnight of September, you will receive the resolution.

The Semana del Español has reserved a large number of activities for this profile: training sessions, business meetings and a full cultural agenda in the city of Salamanca.

You can find the terms and conditions for both the gold invitations and the general participation in the following links:

Register for the event:

Attendance at the Semana del Español

All international agencies and centres have the possibility to attend the training activities of the event and to participate in the workshop with the centres and institutions in Spain.

The registration of the centre or agency in the Semana del Español allows the participation of only one representative per entity.

All registrations for Semana del Español will include digital participation.

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