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About the company

Choosing Vincci means choosing hotels that have been designed and created with the customer in mind, looking for a unique experience in every trip and every stay.

Welcome to a group that projects its full potential to revalue the time and trust of each client. Welcome to a philosophy that combines excellence in service quality, unique surroundings and the personality of emblematic, avant-garde buildings to transform leisure and business into something more than just an activity: an experience.

These pages provide a brief overview of our projects, resources, services and motivations… Visit us and see that everything is designed to make you enjoy our company beyond our facilities.

Come in, you are invited.






Oferta para centros FEDELE

Descuento para las escuelas federadas. Para más información sobre la promoción de Vincci Hotels con las escuelas FEDELE, póngase en contacto con la Federación a través del siguiente correo: