Safe ELE School Certificate facing the COVID-19

The Federation of Associations of Spanish schools in Spain, FEDELE, has created a complete recognition system with guidelines, recommendations and protocols to follow to achieve a safe school and free from infections facing the present epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19.

Therefore, a quality seal called “Safe ELE School Covid-19” is available to Federated centers that carry out the guidelines and recommendations included in the system.

The seal will be an emblem for all accredited and federated centers who additionally comply with the guidelines and recommendations established in the mentioned plan. The federation will ensure compliance with the guidelines for the safety of teaches, employees and students within the centers that obtain the seal.

escuelas ele seguras ante el covid-19-01
escuelas ele seguras ante el covid-19-02

Tools, media and material

In order to make it easier for our federated centers to implement this system and the protocols that accompany it, at FEDELE we have developed a complete package with the following documentation:

  • Protocols and recommendations for a safe de-escalation of ELE centers
  • Infographics with hygiene and safety measures in the classroom
  • Signage in A6 size for placement in common spaces of the centers
  • Infographic with information on disinfectants
  • Guide for the creation of a Contingency Plan facing the COVID-19
  • Contingency Plan template for COVID-19

All this material can be downloaded by the centers and applied in their establishments

How to obtain the certification?

The federated centers can contact the federation through the usual methods requesting the corresponding accreditations. The federation will check the perfect implementation of the guidelines that ensure the center as a safe space against possible infections and will send the stamps, posters and other material

escuelas ele seguras ante el covid-19-03