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The world is currently facing difficult situations and circumstances never seen in our modern era. An unprecedented crisis that has ended with the free mobility of people and the closing of borders throughout the world. Therefore, Spanish language teaching centers in Spain unite to demand support and help facing a total collapse of the sector. Our demands are:

Relaxation of measures relating to the temporary lay-offs

In order to extend its validity or reincorporate workers gradually as the economic reactivation allows it.

Tax exemption

Avoiding schools closures and, thus, safeguarding our sector which will take time to recover from the crisis.

The importance of our sector

Spanish centers in Spain generate great wealth for our country through:

  • Economic wealth for teachers, administration,and hundreds of host families, student accommodations and hotels.
  • Cultural wealth by conducting immersions of students from all over the world in our country .
  • Tourist wealth since it is a sector that destabilizes demand and contributes to the growth of other complementary products.

Join our requests

The Platform of ELE centers affected by Covid-19 in Spain is a platform open to all centers and schools that wish to join it, regardless of whether they are or not federated.

The spread of the COVID-19, the limited mobility due to the state of alarm and the closure of borders is causing serious consequences on countless economic sectors in our country and where language tourism is among the most affected. That is why FEDELE (Federation of Spanish Schools in Spain), representing 102 Spanish schools distributed throughout the national territory, requests the government more support and special measures to guarantee the survival of the sector.

According to the recent FEDELE’s 2019 sector report, more than 138,000 foreign students visited Spain and stayed more than 470,000 weeks in our cities.

Our schools receive students from all over the world, who have an interest in our language and in our culture: live Spanish in our streets, meet our people and enjoy our gastronomy. Travelers who seasonally adjust tourism traveling at any time of the year, and who have an average expenditure per stay greater than the tourism sector average.


  • all Spanish schools are closed and have requested a temporary lay-off for all workers until the situation is normalized, just as other key sectors to our economy
  • the situation of our sector is even more delicate since its reactivation depends directly on the recovery of the international mobility and the confidence of the travelers.
  • The sector faces massive reserves cancellations from March to June and it is not excluded the idea that the arrival of summer will not improve the situation if international mobility is not revived.

Open letter by the situation

The open letter launched by the Platform of ELE Centers affected by Covid-19 in Spain promoted by FEDELE in now available.

Press package

We have prepared a package with images, texts and other material so the information reaches the press in a pertinent way.

Open Mailbox

We make the following open mailbox available to any center, teacher, ELE professional or interested party; where they can express their claims, personal requests or any other issue related to this situation and the impact of Covid-19 on the language tourism sector in Spain.

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