The Associated Members of Eaquals are national and international organizations with high prestige thanks to the professional achievements in the language learning and language tourism sector. These include the main cultural organizations, important associations of language centers, examination centers for official language tests, publishers, and national and international organizations that certify the quality of the language teaching. FEDELE is an associate member of Eaquals.

FEDELE, therefore, shares the quality commitment of Eaquals, participating in its projects and providing a professional experience to our network from the Spanish in Spain sector. FEDELE, thanks to its EAQUALS membership, enjoys the following advantages and/or benefits:

  • Be part of and have presence in a wide network of teaching professionals in more than 33 countries.
  • Expansion and promotion of the Spanish in Spain brand in more than 25 languages.
  • Have access to financial aids and EAQUALS grants.
  • Have the opportunity to apply for scholarships offered by Eaquals.
  • Increase the FEDELE brand internationally through fairs and international representation of its federated centers which, in turn, increase its presence and visibility internationally.
  • Promotion and visibility of FEDELE in EAQUALS social media with help of an expert.
  • The participation of FEDELE in the International Eaquals Conference held annually, gives the opportunity to meet with international media related to the language sector, such as El Gazette, The PIE, Study Travel Magazine, etc.
  • The International Eaquals Conference is attended by professionals of the language sector. Through it, these professionals meet with the members of EAQUALS with the objective of establish/strengthen business relationships.
  • EAQUALS received THE PIE 2018 prize for the “association of the year”.