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logotipo dele escolaresWhat is the DELE Escolares exam?

The DELE Spanish Diplomas are official qualifications certifying the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain.

Instituto Cervantes offers two Spanish DELE exams for Spanish students between 11 and 17 years old: DELE A1 exam and DELE A2 / B1 exam of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Through the agreement signed with the Instituto Cervantes, FEDELE is a collaborating institution for the realization of the Spanish as a Foreign Language Diplomas (DELE escolares) and has 13 Examination Centers in several Spanish cities.

2020 Exam Dates

Instituto Cervantes aware of the health alert situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus COVID-2019 and in absolute collaboration with the authorities of Spain and the rest of the world, has decided, in order to protect the health of all, to take the following exceptional measures regarding the DELE exams.

The exam session for  May has been canceled. Instituto Cervantes will shortly communicate the new exam date and the applicants’ registrations will be transferred to the session closest to the exam date in coordination with the examining centers where the candidates are registered. If that date is not convenient for the candidate, he / she may request the change or the refund of the amount paid.

Exam session
Written Exam
Registration deadline
Exam session
Written Exam
May 15
Registration deadline
March 18
A1 and A2 / B1
Exam session
Written Exam
November 13
Registration deadline
October 7
A1 and A2 / B1

The objective of Instituto Cervantes is to offer all candidates options so that they can carry out their exams when the situation caused by the pandemic is normalized, and to do so:

  • For canceled calls, the Cervantes Institute will schedule alternative exam dates and automatically enroll candidates in them, in order to save them from repeating the cancellation and re-registration procedures.
  • The Instituto Cervantes will notify candidates by email and the means at their disposal of the reorganization of dates and calls for their exams.
  • Candidates affected by cancellations of exam sessions may request a refund of the amount, which will be paid in full, within the extended period of 30 days.

For any questions, candidates can contact their examination center, or the Instituto Cervantes itself through

To whom is it addressed?

The DELE Escolares exams are aimed at Spanish young students between 11 and 17 years old (people over 19 must register for general exams), regardless of their nationality or origin.

Parents, guardians or legal representatives must register minors or persons without legal capacity to act.

How to register?

Enrollment in the DELE exams for young students is done in each of the examination centers that manage these tests.

The payment of registration fees can be made by means of payment determined by the corresponding examination center.

To register in these tests, it is necessary to provide, in addition to other mandatory personal data, a personal e-mail address. Said e-mail, whose correct functioning is responsibility of the candidate, will serve to communicate with Instituto Cervantes for exams sessions, grades, and other processes related to the DELE exam.

Parents, guardians or legal representatives must register minors or persons without legal capacity to act, bearing in mind that they must provide a different e-mail address for each of the candidates who register.

It is the obligation of the candidate, whatever the means of registration, to check the correctness of all the data that appears in the receipt received as proof of their registration, both in relation to their personal data and in what concerns the level, date and place of the session for the DELE diploma chosen.

With the payment of registration, the candidate:

  • accepts the general purchase conditions of the Instituto Cervantes and the general and specific terms and conditions of the DELE diplomas;
  • declares to fulfill the administrative and economic requirements required to obtain the DELE Spanish diploma; and
    • undertakes to attend the examination provided with those documents that certify compliance with these conditions, which are:
      • the receipt of your registration;
      • your passport or official identity document with photograph, for its correct identification;
      • and the examination session of the center in which you have registered.

Registration procedure at the examination center (DELE Escolares)

To formalize the registration in the DELE examination centers recognized by the Instituto Cervantes, the candidate must provide the required documentation:

  • Original and photocopy of your passport or official identity document with photography in which the following information is recorded: name and surname, nationality and place and date of birth. The data declared by the candidate in the application form for registration must correspond to those on the identification document.
  • Documentation accrediting the payment of registration fees. The payment of registration fees can be made by means of payment determined by the corresponding examination center (always specifying the concept ‘DELE registration’ together with the date of the exam and the academic level of the desired diploma).

If the registration is not made in the DELE examination center in person, in order to be registered, the candidate must submit the DELE 2019 registration form completed along with the payment. It is recalled that this form is not the registration document, but only the request thereof and that the guarantee of having registered is granted by the registration slip.


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