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Málaga Education Week

The week of Spanish in Málaga is held from January 7 to 14, 2018 and is presented as an innovative initiative aimed at focusing the attention of the language tourism industry and foreigner studies in Málaga. The fundamental objective pursued is to bring together in Málaga teachers, senior academics, representatives of regional and local institutions, international educators and educational consultants.

Málaga Education Week is a unique opportunity for Málaga that will attract national and international media interest, assuming a tremendous boost to the situation of the city as a leading destination in the sector of teaching Spanish, fully in accordance with the objectives of this cultural city, of museums and gastronomy.

It is promoted by NACEM (Association of Spanish Schools in Málaga) and has the support of associations AEEA (Spanish in Andalucía) and FEDELE (Spanish in Spain). The entities that have made this initiative possible are the Tourism Area of ​​the City of Málaga, Tourism Costa del Sol, and Turismo Andaluz. It also has the support of the University of Málaga, CEM, Chamber of Commerce, Extenda and Turespaña.

Málaga Education Week includes three separate but interrelated events that will take place in different parts of the city center:

  • ECELE: Annual FEDELE event for Spanish teachers from 9 to 11 January at the NH Málaga Hotel.
  • Congress of Málaga: Congress about Spanish as an economic resource, on January 12 at the Rector’s Office of the University of Málaga, located on the Paseo del Parque.
  • St Alphe Spain: 4th edition of this International Conference for professionals of the language tourism sector on January 13 and 14 at the NH Málaga Hotel.


From January 9 to 11, 2018 at the NH Málaga Hotel.

This is a meeting organized by FEDELE in collaboration with Turespaña, whose purpose is to inform directors and academic heads of secondary and professional training centers around the world of the offer of Spanish courses in Spain.

It is intended to carry out experiences in which this new profile of prescribers will be analized in depth.

Introductory presentations will be made about the offer of Spanish in Spain and, in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes, the guarantees offered by the Network of Accredited Centers will be announced. There will also be a contact with the schools that will alternate with cultural, tourist and gastronomic activities.

The series of Meetings of Spanish Teaching Centers responds to the commitment made by Turespaña and FEDELE for the promotion of Spanish Teaching in Spain aimed at a different profile of prescribers: teachers from abroad centers where Spanish is taught.

The growth of Spanish as a second language of international communication (taking into account the leadership of English) and its increasing integration in the regulated education plans in a large number of countries, make the Spanish teacher of secondary education centers, business schools and universities as the real prescriber of private Spanish schools and the offers of these in a high value complement for the implementation of immersion programs complementary to the teaching that takes place in their centers.

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