[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]FEDELE is a non-profit member of ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organizations).

FEDELE, thanks to this membership, is part of a professional forum in which the main challenges are discussed, and great experiences of language tourism are shared. This forum also includes linguistic agencies from all over the world and schools dedicated to language teaching. FEDELE represents the schools in which Spanish is taught as a foreign language.
The members of the forum or managing board of ALTO are firmly committed to developing an honest collaboration to offer a real value to each of its members.

ALTO gives FEDELE the opportunity to be present in a global platform for leaders and professionals of the language sector in which to develop their professional network, increase and improve the Spanish sector in Spain, develop professionally and exchange ideas and experiences.

In addition, FEDELE enjoys the following benefits:

  • It is part of excellent educational and language development opportunities and develops great professional ties in the sector.
  • FEDELE can participate in events and workshops together with great professionals of the language tourism sector, promoting the Spanish in Spain brand in-person and through the ALTO website.
  • FEDELE is part of future proposals to improve the organization of workshops and training sessions with the aim of ensuring the continuity and sustainability of the increase of the international linguistic industry and, in particular, safeguarding the quality of teaching Spanish in Spain.


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